Q:  What is Vipor Plus? How is it different than the Vipor 1.5 I have now?

A:  We're glad you asked! Vipor Plus is our new app who's main feature is sharing Orbits (groups) with other Vipor Plus users. Pretty cool! You can share unlimited Orbits and contacts with one user, then for more than one user, in-app purchases apply starting at $9.99 / month.

Vipor Plus is now Orbit-centric -- you can schedule activities for an Orbit (with or without participants) and orbits can have their own Log entries as well.

Q:  So can multiple users sign in to the same Vipor Plus for Mac app now?

A:   No, it is not multi-user accessible in that fashion, rather you can invite others to an Orbit via email using their email address for Vipor Plus, or accept inivitations sent to you. Once accepted you will have a new Orbit showing where the data originated. You will have access to all the details of the contacts in the Orbit you've shared except for private activities.

Q:  How much are the Vipor Plus apps and where do I get it?

A:  The app for all your iOS 8.x and higher devices will be free, no charge for the app. The OS X - Mac app which requires 10.11.x and higher (El Capitan) will be $49.99, a one-time app charge. Both are available from their respective App Stores, just like Vipor is today.

Q:  If I get a new Mac and need to load the previous Vipor app, am I going to have to pay $50 for it?

A:   No!  These are completely separate apps.  Plus, all apps purchased (even if it was zero cost/free) from the Mac App Store are yours forever -- meaning, forever attached to your Apple ID you used to make the purchase.  We will, at some point remove Vipor for Mac version 1.5 from the app store but you will always have access to it in your Apple app store account. 

Q:  How do I get my current Vipor data into Vipor Plus?

A:  Easy peezy, all you have to do is download the app and log in with your same email and password you use in the Vipor apps. The first time you login it will copy over your Vipor data for use in Vipor Plus. Note, please have a good internet connection and be patient for this process -- it may take a while depending on the size and amount of data you have accumulated over time.

Q:  Will Vipor and Vipor Plus sync with each other?

A:  No -- once you migrate your data your Vipor Plus installation will only sync with other Vipor Plus installations.  

Q:  Can I use both apps on my same devices and computers?

A:  Yes, but we recommend you migrate to Vipor Plus so you are current with upcoming releases and apps.

Q:   How can I share my Vipor Plus data with another user?

A:   Easy to do in a few taps/clicks!  


  1. Go to the Orbit you'd like to share. 
  2. Tap/click on Share 
  3. Enter the email that is the Vipor Plus user(s) email address, choose Invite
  4. They will receive an email that an Orbit has been shared with them -- they can click accept or decline. You will be notified of their choice.
  5. If the Vipor Plus user's app is active, the Orbit will appear in their Orbit list. They can click to accept or decline in the app in lieu of the email.
  6. If the email doesn't match a Vipor Plus user email address, it will include a link to download the app.

Click to see the user guide pages for more details and screen shots.

Q:  What can other people see after I am sharing with them?

A:  Users can only see the activities that are public for contacts that belong to the orbit you are a member of. You always have the option to make an activity Private, which is the default setting.

Q:  I see the option to import from Apple calendars, but no option to add to iCal when scheduling an activity in Vipor Plus, what is the deal? Will those imported Apple calendar/iCal events changes sync'd to their source calendars like before? 

A:  No. We have removed the sync with iCal/Apple calendars as there were too many performance issues. We encourage you to bring your activity scheduling into Vipor Plus. To help with this, you can import your iCal events for all or selected calendars and they will be converted to Vipor Plus activities in their own Orbit(s). For example, if you import from calendars called Work and Home, an orbit will be created with those names and the activities added. This is a one-time process to get you started, with the intent you will move forward using Vipor Plus scheduling. If later on you'd like to bring in additional iCal events, you'll need to remove the Orbit it created and import again as a whole.

Q:  Can I import from CSV or other sources besides Apple contacts now?  

A:  Not yet!  We know this is a popular feature request.  We feel the best way to implement this will be to centralize the import in a Vipor app made for the web.  Look for this web app towards the end of this year.

Q:  Can Vipor Plus track my incoming emails and email content automatically?  

A:  Not yet!    To access and track your incoming emails and their content, your email accounts would need to be fully integrated with an app.  We have this on our road map for a future release towards the end of this year or early next.

Q:  Can Vipor Plus track my incoming phone calls related to my contacts?  

A:  Not at this time. Unfortunately Apple doesn't give 3rd party developers access to your Recent Calls list on your iPhone. The applications that offer this are doing so by accessing your backup files and that is not something we plan to implement.  That said, you can always add a Log to a contact in Vipor Plus that is an activity type of Call and enter some notes that will help construct an activity timeline for all your communications with your contact.