A frequent question we see in support is how to get contacts contained in a CSV file loaded into Vipor.   If you have a Mac, this can be accomplished by importing that file first to your Mac, and then Vipor can import from there. 

1. On your Mac, launch the Contacts app and select File -> Import, and select the CSV file that contains the contact data you'd like to have in Vipor.

2. The next screen you see will be this one below showing the first entry in your file -- this where you will tell the Contacts app where to put your incoming data, meaning what field to store it in.  My test file had labels for each column. If yours also has labels,  I recommend using that entry for this step.  If your columns are named logically, it will do a pretty good job of matching them up but you usually have to adjust a few, especially if you have multiple pieces of information per contact.   To change where the field will be imported, click on the arrows and select a different field, or select ignore if you do not need it. 

3. Once you have your fields set, click the right+arrow you see above to browse through a few contacts.  This will show your REAL data and the field it's going to place it in.  Once you're happy with it, click OK.

4.  If you're going to import all of these contacts, along with whatever else you had in your Contacts app, then you are done!  Head over to Vipor and start your import.  However, if you'd like to keep these contacts separate and import ONLY these contacts into Vipor, that requires a few more steps.   

5. When the import is complete, the first thing you want to do is create a new group to place them in.  Back in your Mac's Contacts app, click on File -> New Group and give it a name.  Now, go to your smart group called Last Import, select all of those contacts you just imported (Cmd + A), and drag them over to this this new group.   We need this step since that Smart Group - Last Import is a "virtual" group and will not show up as an option when importing into Vipor.

6. Next step:  if you are using Vipor for Mac, click on Vipor CRM -> Preferences.  See where it says Import Mode -- click here and select Import with group filter and then you will see a list of groups on your Mac.  Select the new group you just created and that's it!  After the import is complete in Vipor, you can delete that group and the contacts in it on your Mac's Contacts app.   Don't have Vipor for Mac?  No worries.  In the Vipor iOS app, tap Settings -> Import -> Import and tap on Choose groups to select the new group you created.