We receive a lot of questions about this topic so I thought I would write an article outlining what does and does not happen when importing contacts.

Q:  I don't want to import all of my thousands of contacts into Vipor, can I import from just my business group I've created?

A:  Yes! As of 1.1 you can import from a specific Apple contacts group or groups.  If you change your mind and want to import more later, you can.


Q:  I've entered a new contact in my Apple/default contacts, do I have to enter it again in Vipor?  

A:  No! Go back to Import and do it again.  Any new contacts entered since the last time you did an Import (it's actually an update after the initial import) will be imported into Vipor.  


Q:  I've entered a new contact in Vipor that I would like to also have in my Apple contacts, do I have to enter it there as well?

A:  No!  In Vipor OS X (Mac), go to the contact and click on the little book icon at the top of the entry to send directly to your Apple contacts. In Vipor for iOS (iPhone & iPad), tap to the contact detail, and tap on the share-looking icon at the top right to send. 


Q: I've entered a new phone number (or email, mailing address, etc) on a contact in Apple contacts, do I have to change it in Vipor also?

A:  No!  Same as the new contact question above, go to import (update) again and any changes made to the contact card in Apple contacts will be made (where applicable ) to the same contact in Vipor.  


Q:   I've entered a new phone number (or email, address, etc) on a contact in Vipor, do I have to change it in Apple contacts also?

A:   Yes, we only go one way on the updates -- that is, those change on Apple contacts will be reflected in Vipor on your next import.  We do not push out changes to your Apple contacts. 


Q:  What about deletes?  

A:  We never delete a contact regardless of where it originated.  We'd prefer to error on the side of caution when it comes to deleting data.


Q:  What I really want to know is how I ended up with all these duplicates?!

A:  OK!  No problem, have a look at this article for help with that:

Why Do I Have Duplicates After Importing?


Q:  Do you import from Google contacts?  If not are you planning to add this in the future?

A:  Yes and No.  Yes, we can import from Google contacts via your Apple Contacts.  We've found this works much more efficiently and completely then importing from Google contacts directly, which we had in previous versions. The No is we do not plan to add direct import from Google contacts.