This is from some Apple contacts magic :-)   In your Contacts app it will automatically combine contacts from multiple sources such as iCloud, "On My Mac", or Facebook.   Your contact count won't reflect these combined contact cards (that is how it refers to each contact record, as a contact "card")  when it has them linked together.  However, when an external source, such as Vipor, imports your contacts it will import all of them individually, often resulting in duplicates and a larger overall record count.   

So what to do?  A couple of options here.  Vipor does have a merge feature that will combine these contacts as one just like Apple devices do in the native contacts app, That said, you'll need to do this on each contact where it appears.   

On Mac:

On iOS:

Tap to the detail of a contact to see:

We've provided an easy way to identify these so you don't have to search your entire list.    Have a look at your Orbits list and you'll see an orbit called Duplicate Contacts.   Do a few at a time and they'll all get merged.  Why?  Well, the next time you import from your Contacts it will "see" those merged contacts and will not bring them in again.  BTW, if you were to delete the contacts in Vipor, that's what would happen -- they would all get imported again.

Another option is to clean up the duplicates in the source contacts app if possible.  Sometimes, especially on a Mac ,you might have a local contact list and one stored in iCloud.  If these truly are duplicates, there's no reason to keep both copies and it will solve your duplicate issues when importing into external apps like Vipor. 

Fine print to share:

  • As previously promised, with the 1.1 update, you can now import regularly from any device on your Vipor account and it will not duplicate the same contacts imported the last time.  As the article mentions above though, you might still have duplicates coming in that are duplicated at the source, which is your Apple contacts.