From the Contact Detail

Click to the contact from the Contact List or use the search feature to find a contact.  To add or remove the contact, click “Edit Contact” and add or remove Orbits on the Orbit ribbon.

From the Orbit List

Click on the Orbits icon in the left navigation bar. Now, click on an orbit and. Click on “Edit Orbit.” 

Select or unselect contacts by clicking on the the contact name. Click “Save” when finished. 

You can also multi-select contacts from the Orbit contact list and right click to remove them from the Orbit.

Contact List

Choose Contacts from the left side navigation bar. Multi-select the contacts you want to include in the Orbit. Use CMD+A to quickly select all contacts. The multi-selection will reveal a “Create Orbit” option.

And finally, you can drag and drop a contact from the contact list to the orbit filters on the bottom-left of the navigation.