To delete all of your Vipor Plus data on your Mac:

1. Quit out of Vipor for Mac if it's running

2. Click on your Mac's desktop area or open up a Finder window to access your Finder menu. 

3. On the menu, click Go => Go to Folder and type in ~/library/Containers/ and click GO.

4.  If you are using Vipor Plus (2.x) delete the com.Vipor.OSX folder. 

5. You MUST restart your Mac, then when you launch Vipor Plus you can log in and will receive the syncing for the first time message.  

You're good to go!

P.S. If you are looking to empty your data completely, meaning to start over with no data, this process will not accomplish that, this refreshes and reloads the data you already have.   To empty your account completely, shoot us a support ticket request and include the email you log in with and we can do this on our end.